Barilla Tuna Sauce 400gr


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Barilla Sauces are born from a century-old passion for pasta and offer a great range of recipes, from the most classic to the most creative in Italian cuisine. With Tuna sauce, Barilla proposes a delicious version of the famous Mediterranean recipe, prepared with tuna in olive oil, tomato pulp, onion and parsley. The sauce is ready to serve directly on strained pasta. In order to enhance the tuna’s flavour, we suggest you warm it up for a few minutes on a low flame, or in the microwave. To give an extra touch, we also recommended adding a teaspoon of dry oregano or, alternatively, before warming it up, a tablespoon of canned beans. Enough for 4 servings. Ingredients: Chopped Tomatoes 65.8%, Tuna 11.5% (Tuna Fish, Olive Oil, Salt), Tomato Concentrate, Onions, White Wine, Glucose Syrup, Parsley 1.3%, Sunflower Seed Oil, Salt, Sugar, Anchovy paste (Anchovies, Salt, Sunflower Seed Oil), Natural Aromas, Acidity Corrector: Lactic Acid. Directions: Preparation: Heat the Barilla sauce on medium temperature or in the microwave (after having removed the cap). Add to pasta, then sauté in a small pan. Add few drops of extra virgin olive oil before serving.


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