Ghost Vodka Union Jack


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Ghost Vodka is a British drink dyed in wool, built according to the principles of quality and individuality. The first one feels in every sip. It is clear that this nice drink is unique and exaggerated, and should not be overlooked.With a wonderful evil skull on the front of the Union Jack, this is an eye-catcher that deserves a place on every shelf bar.

Ghost Vodka is distilled in the scenic setting of the British countryside. The distillery is today in the former salt storehouse of the Victorian era.The rumors say that there were the mysterious things: the camp laborers heard strange noises and weak screams at night and saw shadows stumbling. The windows will shut off accidentally and the wind would give everyone a shudder – so that no worker stays there for long! And who could blame them. Interestingly, since the creation of the distillery, there have been no signs of apparent activity. Now we know who the real spirit of the region is: Ghost Vodka.

Vodka type
Country of Origin England
Alcohol 40%

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