Estete Claudia Papayianni Ροζε


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Soil: Clay.
Altitude: 350 meters.
Vinification: Combine the two varieties by the pre-cryo-extraction procedure for 12 hours at 10 ° C. Continue careful pressure of all the grape pulp in a vacuum press and a strict static de-icing under cooling. Controlled alcoholic fermentation followed by inoculation of selected strains and low temperature.

Features: Bright bright pink color. Rich aroma that resembles mature red fruits (cherry, cherry, strawberry). Mouth rich with minimal tannins, good acidity, intense fruity taste that makes it stand out. Aftertaste long and pleasant with slightly sweet notes on the finish.

Serving recommendations: Serving temperature 9o-11oC in tulip-shaped glass for white aromatic wines.

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Tasty Combinations Pasta with fresh tomatoes, lobster, shrimp shrimp, chicken and pork in light red sauces. Greek traditional cuisine (stuffed, moussaka), Asian cuisine, paella, and pizza.Cold sausage and cheese dishes, fruit salads.


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