Pork Souvlaki 600gr


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  •  Regular spin, apart from baking them evenly, also shakes the internal fat of the pieces, like a kind of “concrete mixer”, and does not let them dry.
  •  If we do not have marinades, we can bake skewers regularly with a little oil during baking. Thus, liquids are preserved and maintained.
  •  Some people do not salve the skewers before baking, so as not to shed their juices. Others, again, salted them just before baking them. We tried both ways and the truth is that we did not see a difference.
  •  The safest way to see if they are cooked is to cut a piece in the middle. In the beef (for some and in the milk lamb), if the meat is cooked moderately, remove the skewers when they are slightly rosy inside. If we want them well, and strictly in pork and chicken, if we see the slightest reddish spot, we continue firing for a little while longer.


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