Greek Coffee Loumidis Papagalos Dark 96gr


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A sip and start.Loumidis Papagalos Skouros is the ideal coffee for those who start their day from the morning and have a demanding program.Loumidis Skouros is from the same blend with Lomides Traditional but is more roasted.To roast more, offering a rich aroma and intense flavor while giving a unique coffee enjoyment and simultaneously stimulating the senses

How to make the perfect Greek Coffee:

1. Pour the coffee in lukewarm water using the cup as a measuring cup.

2.We cook well at the same time and take out the briquette when a “ring” is formed in the center of the birch.

3 For thin lime, add the coffee in the cup from above and from the low, to make a cup of Greek coffee 85ml 8.5g product


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