Wheat Bread For Toast Karamolegos 480gr


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Fried Toast with Wheat Bread and Corn Flakes

(2 servings)

– 4 slices of bread

– 2 soup spoons honey

– 2 thick slices of gruyere, in the shape of the bread

– 2 eggs

– 100 ml milk

– salt

– 30g all purpose flour

– 100g corn flakes, smashed

– 2 soup spoons of butter

– 8 soup spoons of sunflower oil


Make two sandwiches with honey and gruyere.
Whisk the eggs with milk and salt. Dip the toasts (both sides) in the mixture. Sprinkle flour and dip again.
Then dip into smashed corn flakes until fully covered.
Heat butter and oil in a non-stick pan and fry at moderate heat.
If you like, you can garnish with some more honey.



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